About Us


Our investment strategy is dynamic and flexible, which enables us to adapt to shifts in economic, real estate and capital market conditions and to identify inefficiencies. Our investment decisions will depend on prevailing market conditions and may change over time in response to opportunities that arise in different economic and capital market conditions. We believe this approach allows us to identify undervalued opportunities in all market cycles, often before other investors identify such opportunities. We believe there are abundant opportunities among our target assets that present attractive risk-return profiles.

Mission Statement– Claro Capital is dedicated to a sustainable corporate concept of linked prosperity. Our mission consists of three interrelated parts:

  1. Product- To identify and engineer superior investments through a commitment to building relationships with suppliers of real property and debt instruments.
  2. Economic-To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increase value to our stakeholders, and help the economy recover through coordinated liquidation of distressed real estate assets.
  3. Social-To operate the company in a manner that recognizes the social responsibility to improve quality of life in local, national, and international communities.

Central to these three concepts is the belief that all three of them must thrive in unison and in a manner that commands respect from individuals inside and outside of the company while supporting the communities of which they are a part.